The Pistol Shooting handbook provides a single source of information for all the different popular pistol shooting disciplines.  The handbook is the perfect purchase for anyone interested in understanding and developing these key shooting components;


Shooting for speed

Shooting for distance

Shooting for accuracy


As you practice the various training drills included in the handbook you will be able to see the improvement in your overall marksmanship on the range.


Explained, in detail, the handbook also describes everything you need to know about:


Position /Stance

Grip – Freestyle, Strong hand and support

Taking Aim

Trigger control

Follow through


Even an experienced Pistol Shooter can benefit from revisiting the fundamentals of the sport, especially when presented in the plain and simple to understand language and supporting training exercises supplied in the handbook. The exercises included for both ‘dry fire’ and ‘live fire’ allowing you to develop and maintain your skills almost anywhere.


Aimed at developing your skills and knowledge as a Pistol Shooter the handbook brings out and explores the more advanced topics of:


· warm up exercises

· loading and unloading

· clearing jams  

· pistol maintenance

· sighting shots

· moving and shooting

· consistency

· getting the most from instructors


You will find this comprehensive guide is an excellent resource for detailed reference and provides comprehensive tips and exercises for taking your pistol shooting skills to the next level.


In fact to make sure  it is the best resource available on the Internet included are live links to others Internet resources including competition rulebooks, gun manufacturers, ammunition and many others.


From a beginner to advanced pistol shooting enthusiast this comprehensive handbook on Pistol Shooting provides you with all the most current information on all aspects of the sport.


The handbook provides a valuable reference on all aspects of the sport, and provides you, the enthusiast, with the knowledge and training skills to take you to the next level, right from a novice to skilled marksman.


The Complete Pistol Shooting Handbook provides all the information and guidance you need on:


Training Drills


Fundamental Pistol Techniques and hoe to master them



At home and on the range


Buying the right Pistol for you

Competitive options

Revolver vs Semi-Automatic

Selecting the right accessories


Reading the handbook, which is written in an easy to read style, your knowledge will develop and to grow in the fascinating and exciting variations of pistol sports available.  


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The most comprehensive guide to Pistol Shooting is available for immediate download!

Dear Fellow Pistol Enthusiast


Welcome to my web page.  If you want to shoot like Todd Jarrett you need to understand all there is to know about Pistol Shooting.  But knowing everything does not make you a better marksman - knowledge and practice makes a marksman!   I have spent the last six months pulling together everything about Pistol Shooting to build what I believe to be the the most comprehensive handbook for Pistol Shooting available on the Internet today. And here it is.........

Discover Six fundamental techniques to help you build or improve your skills as a pistol marksman.


Take the time to watch this video clip as Todd Jarrett demonstrates his pistol shooting skills and highlights his key points about pistol grip.

The Complete Pistol Shooting Handbook

Why do I think it’s complete?  Quite simply because it includes practice drills to put the theory into action.  This is not just a theory handbook this will make you a better marksman if you practice using the drills laid out in it.  With a 30 day money back guarantee what have you got to lose??

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Anyone purchasing The Pistol Shooting Handbook today will also receive a special bonus.

The Complete Pistol Shooting Handbook – Range Book - a dedicated 24 page printable version of the training drills for for both dry and live fire for use when you go to the range.  

Also included are printable checklists so you never forget anything when you go to the range.  The checklists included are:

Before you leave

Target bag

At the Range

Home again


This bonus will ensure you get the maximum out of your time on the range.

PS Remember The Pistol Shooting Handbook will take your expertise to the next matter where you are starting from.

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I am so confident that you will be satisfied that I will give you a 30 day no quibble 100% refund  if not totally satisfied.

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